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Gryphon Art Exchange

A gathering of gryphons

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Exchanging Gryphon-Themed Art
Welcome to the Gryphon Exchange. This is a "Secret Santa" style art exchange like Fur Art Exchange II. This exchange is open to artists with Gryphon characters.

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Rules and Guidelines

Please read the following rules carefully. Violation of these rules will result in banning or not being able to participate.

You must complete a drawing for your Chosen One within the time allotted. Generally this is three weeks to a month. Character descriptions are submitted near the end of a previous round in response to a roll call post (made by tailypo). Roll calls may stay up for a couple days to a week. At the end of the roll call, e-mails are sent to participants, notifying them of their assignments. A due date, generally the end of the month, is posted at this time. Rounds end on the posted due date at 11:59 PM Pacific Time.

If you do not complete the art by the due date, you will be blacklisted. This means that if you have not posted your work by the deadline, you will not be able to participate in further sessions until you have turned in the art you owe AND completed one volunteer piece. Your name will be listed on the community info as blacklisted. If you are late with your art three times, you will recieve a permanent ban from the community.

There is a seven day "grace period" after the due date each month in which you will be temporarily blacklisted but not need to complete volunteer art. That means that for one week after the due date, you are blacklisted from participating in the next month, but you do not need to do a volunteer piece if you get your art in during that week. You will be able to participate again the month after. If you are more than seven days late, you must do volunteer art to get off the blacklist. (If you are habitually late, you may be required to do a volunteer piece to get off the blacklist anyway. Do not make getting your art in late a habit! This rule is in place to allow for emergencies, unforeseen circumstances, broken computers, etc. and if it is abused, it may be reconsidered.)

To be removed from the blacklist, you must complete the art you owe, AND do one piece of volunteer art. After you have completed the art that you owe, you may then do an "adoption" piece for someone else who didn't get their art during a round. Adoption announcements go up with "e-mails out" posts. You may adopt someone by commenting on these entries, including your e-mail in your comment AND stating that this is your blacklisting adoption. You can not do a volunteer piece towards your reinstatement until you have completed your art due that got you blacklisted (however, you may adopt as much as you like prior without it counting). Volunteer arts will generally be assigned on a first come first serve basis, so keep an eye out for adoption request posts. More details on this rule can be found here.

Post your work to the community whenever you finish it, hyperlinked or behind an lj-cut so that it doesn't spam people's friends lists. For help, see the answers in the LiveJournal FAQ on hyperlinking and lj-cuts. Do not post the image directly (using an img-src tag); this can make it difficult for people reading the community in their friends-lists. Small (both in pixels and file size) clickable thumbnails that open the larger work are permitted.

The art ratings allowed in this community are G through R. No excessive gore, no sexual nudity. Keep in mind the desired rating requested by your Chosen One and do not go higher than this in your drawing. Also, be understanding if your artist is not comfortable drawing higher rating levels; if you request an angsty picture, your artist may not be comfortable drawing that, and be prepared to recieve less angst. If linking to an R-rated picture, please post a warning. Same goes for the reference pics you post for your own character; if they contain nudity, warn the artist.

RESPECT other artists. Someone took the time to draw you a picture. Whether it's the BEST EVAH or not, acknowledge that. When art of your character is posted, comment! At least say "thank you", and no whining about what's wrong with it. Constructive crit -- if asked for -- is permitted, but please don't critique others' art without an invite first. This is a gift-art community, not an artist's critique forum. There are other places for that. Since everyone has busy schedules and might happen to be gone when their artist posts for them, don't freak out and assume your art is hated if you post and your Chosen doesn't reply right away. And sometimes, it just gets missed!

Put effort into your drawings. Cardinal rule: Draw as you would like to be drawn. This community does not discriminate based on artistic skill. However, you must put time and effort into your drawings no matter your skill level. Art work submitted should be clean and complete. Generally, sketches are discouraged, unless they are clean and detailed and sketches are your normal art style. However, we may have sketch rounds from time to time. Don't draw on lined or graphed paper (unless it's part of the effect). Clean up your scans. Do not post poor quality digital photographs or bad scans. If you submit appears to be a doodle in comparison to your usual work, you will receive a warning and may be asked to clean up, color, or otherwise enhance your submission. You may be blacklisted if you repeatedly turn in poor quality work.

If you expect that the art you recieved is far below the artist's usual ability, speak to a moderator of the community about it. If you recieve art that you think the artist skipped out on, or did not put effort into, do not comment on the artist's post saying so. Contact the moderators, and they can compare the art to past pieces. If they deem it necessary, they will ask the artist to redo, clean up, or change the piece.

You must post a valid, working address with your roll call. We need your e-mail to be able to send you your Chosen One's information. A post will be made when e-mails are sent out; if you don't receive yours, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you reply to that post and say so. If you can, offer a different e-mail address to send to.

Visual art of any kind is allowed. Digital or traditional media, sculpture, textile and other mediums are all allowed. Written work is not accepted at this time. If there is enough interest, this may change in the future.

Think ahead. If you don't think you'll be able to have your work done in a timely fashion and won't have much time to spend on it, don't enter that round. There will always be other months in which you can join in. Having large amounts of people ducking out or not turning their artwork in is aggravating and problematic, both for the maintainers and for those who do get their art in but get nothing in return.

The theme of the community is Gryphons. There is a lot of variation in just what a Gryphon is, depending on your source. For the sake of this community, a Gryphon is a chimeric creature with avian foreparts and hindparts of another creature, usually a mammal but occasionally something else (such as a dragon). Your submitted character can be anything that conforms to this, be it the traditional eagle/lion or a more exotic combintation like chicken/rabbit, and can be quadrupedal or anthropomorphic. Gryphon hybrids, such as "dracogryphs", are also permitted, as long as the Gryphon ancestory is apparent in your character (a Dragon with feathers is not appropriate for this community). If you want to do an art exchange activity with other kinds of creatures, head on over to furartxchange2 for furries or to dragon_exchange for dragons only. Thanks to both communities for helping to inspire this one.

If you need more information or need to communicate with your Chosen One, post anonymously to their original post or character description comment. In most cases, unless LJ is acting up or they have their account set to not e-mail them, this will be a reliable way to get ahold of them without revealing your identity. If this doesn't seem to be working, e-mail me at [tserisa at gmail dot com] and I will try to get the message to them.

Be detailed in your character description posts. They're called descriptions for a reason. It's important to be not only specific about markings, but also likes, dislikes, histories and so on, which will help inspire the artist. Incompletely filled out character description surveys will not be accepted.

When posting your character description for a round, use full URLs, not href links, for reference pictures and other links, and do not link to old descriptions. Please repost each round whether you have posted that character before or not.

Suggesting a theme in your description is optional, and it is optional for your Chosen Artist to follow it. However, during Themed Rounds, the theme is not optional. Some months, there will be an assigned them, such as holiday, lyrics, species swap, etc. During these months, your picture must relate to the theme. This keeps it fair for people who are putting effort into the art! Often, themes will be decided by polls.

All participants are expected to be familiar with and abide by the rules and guidelines in the userinfo of the community, and to check them periodically for any changes. Ignorance isn't an excuse. The first time is a warning, the second time you will be asked to leave the community. Please read the userinfo so that we can keep this community running smoothly.


If you're on here and shouldn't be, please comment in tailypo's journal linking to the entry where you posted art for your Chosen One, and the adoption art you've completed.

dodger_greywing: September '09, Silver_Love *†
snowhundress: October '09, Tailypo †
silver_love: October '09, Ulariogryphon *†
sneaky_tail: December '09, Tailypo *†
tailypo: January '10, Corellian_ninja *†

* Owe art for this round.
† Owe adoption art.

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